Don Filipiak

Conservation through education!

"I feel an imperative to undertake research that promotes conservation as one measure of success. Such efforts will undoubtedly save habitats, first and foremost. Naming species and understanding ecological processes may take a secondary role to the urgent issue of simply finding economic ways to conserve habitat. If we do not save rainforests, all of our data will reference extinct organisms, or sites that used to be." -Meg Lowman

Please contact me for information regarding the use or purchase of all photos on this website. I also accept inquiries pertaining to research collaborations and field work (herpetological, ornithological, canopy access techniques, etc...), lectures and presentations, and wilderness/herp guide services both in the USA, Costa Rica and Panama.

Pura Vida,

Don Filipiak
Casque-headed lizard or Helmeted iguana (<i>Corytophanes cristatus</i>)
Rara Avis Rainforest Reserve, Costa Rica

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