Don Filipiak

Conservation through education!

"I feel an imperative to undertake research that promotes conservation as one measure of success. Such efforts will undoubtedly save habitats, first and foremost. Naming species and understanding ecological processes may take a secondary role to the urgent issue of simply finding economic ways to conserve habitat. If we do not save rainforests, all of our data will reference extinct organisms, or sites that used to be." -Meg Lowman

Please contact me for information regarding the use or purchase of all photos on this website. I also accept inquiries pertaining to research collaborations and field work (herpetological, ornithological, canopy access techniques, etc...), lectures and presentations, and wilderness/herp guide services both in the USA, Costa Rica and Panama.

Pura Vida,

Don Filipiak
One of my favorite frogs from the Darien! The glassfrog with a super sloped snout: <i>Cochranella euknemos</i>! We were hiking through the forest one night when we passed a dried seepage. I stopped the group and quietly headed into the seepage; minutes later we heard the two note buzz of this species... We managed to collect high quality recording of this species, and photograph its cloudy egg mass. This species deposits its eggs over dried seepages in hopes that when they hatch a heavy rain will wash the tadpoles into the stream below. A risky strategy, but a great way to avoid competition for oviposition sites. 

<i>Cochranella euknemos</i>
Darien, Panama
May 2013